Friday, 27 September 2013

Something Of Yours

Come for a walk with me

I found something of yours today and I want to show you

There! Do you see it?

It's right there

The meaning and beauty of your life

Written right there ...

On every single blade of grass
In amongst the roots of every tree
In the crispness of the ripening apple
Floating on the notes of every bird's song
In the brilliance of the sun, the moon and every single star 

Oh my...Aren't you just so lovely


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Your Beautiful Story

What is your story?

The Who's
The What's
The When's
The Where's
The Why's

Of the overcoming of life's twists and turns
Of  the ashes that stubbornly cling to shoes
From fires that once recklessly burned

The glorious story 
The whole story
About the entity that is you

Of opportunities passed by
Of new doors found opened wide
That led you to revelations hidden in sighs

The beautiful story of a heart 
That shrank and expanded 
Beyond its normal size

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ankle Deep

Do you ever want to run?

Run hard?

Breathing and panting yourself all over the space around you

As far as your breath can reach

Claim it as your own

Your new found Kingdom


Oooh to be alone

Away from prying eyes 

Long since dead to genuine curiosity

They will never crave to know who you are or what you love or desire 

Where is depth?

Why remain in the shallows?

Ankle deep living drowns

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Beyond Walls and Limits

The air around us becomes alive

I can feel its pulse

Just as easily, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest

Every pulsating beat threatens to claim every molecule of air 

And this heart of mine

Beyond  walls
Beyond limits

I am never more vulnerable

I am never more alive

On the edge of all this heaven

All that I am is penetrated 

All that you are

Body and Soul
Words and Silence

They all find their way 

They open to me

Swim in my blood

Lifting  red tides coursing through my veins

Drowning in love

Beyond  walls
Beyond limits

Oh the bliss 

As hearts, bodies and souls dive

Both are anointed

Lost in the depths of true communion

Drenched and parted lips

Body and Soul
Words and Silence

Oh my love

How I love watching you

The rise and fall of your chest

Even in sleep you pour yourself into me

Immersed and entwined 

Beyond  walls
Beyond limits

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

One Thousand and Nine Ways to Love You

There's a storm coming ~ the tide is rising, I hike up my dress and wade into the water
I want to disrobe you in this wet wilderness of pounding heart  and throbbing pulse
Did I tell you that to date I have discovered one thousand and nine ways to love you 

And I am still counting

So make passable the impassable! Be brave and open up your Heaven to me!
Flood my soul for forty days ~ forty nights ~ let me feed you wild honey and manna 
And cradled within waves and winds, a new covenant with new stories will be born 

And lovers will still be counting

Monday, 2 September 2013

The Story

Dig Deep

Excavate your life 

Sleep, eat, and dance with the bones of your story

Its  flesh and sinew

Trace it with your fingers 



Breathe it into a locket

Wear it around your neck

Let it lie upon your heart

Be brave 

Live Fully

Time to gather around the Fire

You are a part of the world's legend. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wagging Tongues

Hinged in the middle is their wagging tongue
Tirelessly sharing all that you've done

With any ear that will bend its way
Hoping to turn a double play

To gain sympathy and have their legend live on
Oh! What a triumph for a wagging tongue

Generosity could easily be their middle name
They are so giving with the lion's share of the blame

And although it's irksome to be the target of malice 
In any situation there can be found solace

It's true, hinged tongues delight in "breaking apart"
So details that might conflict they will sidestep from the start

But  (Now,  this is the good part)

In the midst of all that flurry of tongue and ear
The wheat from chaff also becomes quite clear

So, pay attention, watch and see
Who's left standing next to thee

It's not your business anyway, the stuff an injured tongue has to say
 Choose to put it behind you. Head high now, walk away.

For the barbed tongue will always stay busy
And you mustn't indulge in an egocentric tizzy

Let them rob the graves of memories put to rest
Invest in the living! Fuel dreams that serve your future best.